Rental properties can be a great secondary source of income, but they require significant time and energy to manage. Whether you rent a single condo or have a suite of investment properties, the time comes when the benefits of rental income no longer outweigh the investment spent managing your properties. Before cashing out, working with our condo association management company in Chicago could be your ideal solution.

At Mo2 Properties, we offer condominium association management throughout Chicago to help landlords maximize their investment property while saving time.

What Are Condo Management Services?

Our property managers screen tenants with employment verifications, credit checks, rental history review and background checks — on your behalf. Since we follow all local and federal housing laws, you won’t worry about accusations of discrimination.

Once tenants move in, we follow up with timely rent collection — so you get the funds you need when you need them. Throughout the rental period, we are on hand to address maintenance and repairs, suggest preventive maintenance tasks, handle the accounting and finances, and complete any routine chores. Our professional condo property management team can suggest capital improvements, initiate evictions, help you get a better insurance package and much more.

Why Work With a Condominium Property Manager?

If you’ve read this far, you must be intrigued by the idea of hiring a condominium property management company. The top benefit to our clients is time saved running condo rentals — time they can use to spend with family, pursue a passion project, or improve their work-life balance.

Since we screen all tenants as part of the application process, we can advance the caliber of tenants in your rentals. If you’ve ever suffered property damage at move-out, late rent or lease violations, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new tenants passed both a credit and reference check.

When you manage multiple rentals, keeping up with maintenance becomes a job in itself. When we take care of this for you, all your renters will enjoy preventive maintenance of units and common areas. Preventive maintenance keeps condos looking great, so you can rent at top market rate, while adding value and preventing unanticipated emergency repairs.

Simply put, when working with a professional property manager, you will:

  • Streamline your condo rentals
  • Enjoy timely rent collection so you always have your money when you need it
  • Lower your repair, maintenance and insurance costs
  • Reduce vacancy periods
  • Reap all the rewards of being a landlord without having to put in the hard work yourself

Our condo management company in Chicago serves the following neighborhoods:

Mo2 Properties is a leading condo rental management company serving the Chicago area for 40-plus years. Our team has the depth of knowledge of real estate trends, laws and Chicago neighborhoods with attention to detail and professionalism you can trust. We handle the day-to-day needs of condo management and maintenance while communicating proactively, so you’re always informed.

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