Real estate investing in Chicago is a smart way to put your money to work for you by purchasing local properties that can increase in value, and/or potentially provide a return right away. Property investment can appreciate significantly, so it is often one of the best ways to increase your funds. Investing in apartment complexes or other rentals means you can start generating immediate cash flow.

People decide to buy property investment in Chicago for a variety of reasons, whether they do it through a real estate investment partnership, a real estate investment group or as limited liability companies. The most common reasons are:

Portfolio Diversification. Real estate is less volatile than stocks, bonds, ETFs, REITs and other daily traded asset classes. It also acts as an inflation hedge as rents and property values increase against fixed mortgage payments.

Income and Appreciation. Investing in rental properties means you benefit from a stable income stream, plus you reap appreciation gains at refinance and sale.

The Magic of Leverage. Unlike other asset classes, banks will lend you money to buy an investment property. Abracadabra — you can build your net worth using the bank’s money!

Tax-Free Cash Flow. Depreciation and mortgage interest deductions offset operating income, often achieving tax-free cash flow.

Abundant Opportunities in Chicago. With its growing population and economy, Chicago is a world-class city with a diverse and complex real estate market. Our neighborhoods are continually evolving, which means a large pool of potential properties in which to invest.  Knowledgeable professionals can find a wealth of real estate just ripe for renovation and other value-add projects. The key is knowing the trends, such as multi-family housing and marketing to millennials, as well as being able to spot a diamond in the rough.

Successful Investment Strategies

Mo2 Properties utilizes a value-add investing strategy that targets distressed or under-utilized properties, then rehabs or develops them to meet their full profit potential. There is nothing new about this strategy; investors have been doing it for years. However, the difference between a real estate flop and success is experience. 

Mo2 offers 40+ years of on-the-ground Chicago real estate investment experience to help you navigate the due diligence, zoning research, architect/general contractor selection, construction management, leasing, management and other hurdles that serve as a barrier to entry for the average property investor. 

Partnering with Mo2 can help you achieve your end game — increasing your net worth through direct real estate ownership — without all the headaches. By teaming up with one of the best professional real estate investment companies such as Mo2 Properties, the opportunities in Chicago can provide you with double-digit returns that will accelerate your net worth and retirement goals. When you partner with Mo2, you are treated like family, so you can expect a long and profitable relationship!

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