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Do you have questions about your rent payments? Whom should you contact in an emergency? What should you do if you get locked out of your apartment? What are the procedures for moving in and moving out of your apartment? Answers to these questions — and many others — are right here. If you don’t see your particular situation on this page, contact Mo2 Properties by calling 773-661-2772 or filling out the form.

Moving In

Q. Can I paint the interior of the home I rent?
A. No tenant may paint or wallpaper any part of the property without prior written consent of management.

Q. What are the move-in procedures?
A. All move-ins are to take place on the first day of your lease at 12 p.m. noon or later. If your apartment is available sooner, we will let you know and we may be able to arrange an early move-in. Early move-ins are only allowed at management’s discretion.

Q. How do I set up utilities?
A. Please call ComEd (electric) and People’s Gas (gas) to set up the service in your name as of your move-in date. Payment of utilities is the sole responsibility of the tenant. You may use whatever cable/Internet provider you like; however, we do not allow satellite dish providers. We have deals with Comcast and RCN.

Useful contact information:

Q. I would like to install a security system. Is that allowed?
A. In most instances this is OK; however, prior approval is required. Please contact our office to speak to our property manager for further information.

Q. May I hang things on the walls of my apartment?
A. Yes, tenants are permitted to mount TVs, shelves or pictures on walls.

Q. May I have a pet?
A. Pets are allowed only with landlord approval. There are no size or breed restrictions, with some exceptions, and we require a one-time, non-refundable pet fee. We will need to know the name, breed, age and weight of your pet for identification purposes. If you are adopting and require landlord verbal or written approval, please contact the management office at 773-262-2772.

Q. Do I need to reserve a “time block” to move into my apartment?
A. Mo2 Properties only schedules your key pickup date and time. You are permitted to move in on or after your move-in date without reserving a time block/elevator. Our property manager will reach out to let you know the earliest time you are able to move in on the first day of your lease.

Q. Can I move into my unit earlier than my lease start date?
A. In most cases, the earliest you will be able to move in is at noon on the first day of your lease. If you need an earlier move-in date, please reach out to your property manager. It may be possible, but this is solely at management’s discretion.

Moving Out

Q. What are the move-out procedures?
A. Per your original lease terms, Mo2 Properties can access your unit as early as 12 p.m. noon on the last day of your lease to begin the turnover. If you need additional time past noon for your move, please let us know, and we can try to make accommodations to ensure your move-out is as smooth as possible.

Basic move-out checklist:

  • Remove all trash and furniture from the apartment.
  • Wipe down and clean out all appliances (stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator) and the bathroom.
  • Leave the entire unit in “broom-swept” condition.
  • Leave your keys (unit, common, mail key, garage key/clicker, if applicable) on the counter or return to the key drop box outside our office at 709 N. Milwaukee Ave.
  • Utilities are required to stay ON and in your name until the expiration of your lease. Your thermostat is required to be set at a minimum of 66 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent pipes from freezing in the winter months.
  • We do not schedule move-out walk-through appointments.

Q. Can I be fined upon move-out?
A. Per your lease terms, Mo2 Properties will charge tenants for the following repairs and additional cleaning:

  • Extensive drywall repair or painting
  • Furniture and trash removal
  • Extensive cleaning
  • Extensive refrigerator cleaning
  • Extensive range/oven cleaning
  • Cabinet and countertop cleaning
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Missing keys upon move-out (apartment, common, mailbox)

Request Maintenance

Q. How do I submit a non-emergency maintenance request?
A. Log in to your tenant portal and complete the maintenance request form. Please include a picture of the issue as well, if possible. We will contact you within 48 hours regarding any request.

Q. What if I have an emergency maintenance request? How do I get in touch with someone?
A. In the event of a life-threatening emergency where you feel your safety or the safety of someone in the building is immediately threatened, please call 911.

For an emergency during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.), please call our office directly at 773-661-2772 and email maintenance@mo2properties.com.

After business hours, during a weekend or on a holiday, please call our emergency hotline at 708-300-1350 and email maintenance@mo2properties.com.

Emergencies include: water leak, roof leak, extreme property damage, fire, plumbing emergency (toilet out of use) and loss of heat (broken furnace).

If you think there is a gas leak in your building, please contact People’s Gas directly at 866-556-6001.

Disclaimer: if you call the emergency hotline for anything other than an emergency, you will be subject to pay for all expenses incurred.

Pay Rent

Q. How do I pay rent?
A. You can pay online through the tenant portal. There is no charge for ACH (e-check) option, while credit/debit cards have a bank fee associated with their use.

Q. When is rent due? When is rent late?
A. Rent is due on or before the first of each month. The first late fee will be charged at 1 a.m. on the 6th of the month, regardless of weekends, holidays and pay periods. All payments made after the 9th of the month must be in certified form.

Pay Rent

Unit Access

Q. Who can access my unit?
A. Mo2 Properties may access your unit at any time if there is an immediate or life-threatening emergency. Otherwise, our standard policy is 48-hour notice for showings, inspections or walk-throughs.

Q. What do I do if I am locked out?
A. If you are locked out of your apartment during regular business hours, we will do our best to get you into your apartment. Call your building engineer first, and if there is no response, call our office at 773-661-2772. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to get back into your apartment. If you call to report a lockout and we are unable to help you for any reason, it is your responsibility to arrange for and pay for a locksmith.

Mo2 tenants receive a 10 percent discount on services at Mega Locksmith. Call 773-267-8255 and mention “Mo2 Properties” when booking.

Breaking Your Lease

Q. I got a new job out-of-state and have to move before my lease ends. What are my options?
A. All tenants are also welcome to sublease their apartments. Subleasing does not relieve you of your original lease obligation. The sub-tenant will pay rent directly to Mo2 Properties but in the event he/she does not pay rent, you and anyone else on the lease/sublease are still liable. Therefore, Mo2 Properties will screen tenants extensively for your protection. The full subleasing procedures are available here.

Helpful Tips

Furnace Air Filters
All furnaces have air filters. To keep the air you breathe fresh, it is important to have clean filters. Furnace filters are the responsibility of the tenant and should be changed every 1 – 2 months. Should you need help replacing a filter, please call your janitor or submit a maintenance request.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives. With this in mind, landlords are required to provide both devices in all apartments (with the exception of apartments with radiator heat, where carbon monoxide detectors are unnecessary). If you do not have these in your unit, please call us. Replacement of batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are the responsibility of the tenant. For your safety, please test and replace the batteries twice a year.

Light Bulbs
Changing light bulbs is the tenant’s responsibility. If you cannot reach a bulb or need a ladder, please buy the replacements and submit a maintenance request and your building engineer will help you replace them.

Quiet Hours
The City of Chicago quiet hours are 10 p.m. – 8 a.m.

Parking Options
If designated parking is not available at your building, most likely there is free and/or permit street parking available in the area. In order to obtain the proper permit sticker for your area, you can purchase a sticker or guest passes online through Chicago’s Office of the City Clerk: http://www.chicityclerk.com/city-stickers-parking/purchase-options.

Additionally, multiple companies offer off-street, private parking options in Chicago. Please visit the following websites for availability and pricing information:

Renters Insurance

Mo2 Properties is not liable for any damage of your possessions. For this reason, renters insurance is required during tenancy for all tenants. Purchasing renters insurance is the best way to protect yourself and your belongings when living in an apartment. For more information on renters’ insurance policies, please contact the following companies:

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