Top Retail/Shopping Locations In Bucktown And Wicker Park

As destination neighborhoods go, inseparable twin trendsetters Bucktown and Wicker Park have risen from artsy up-and-comers in the ’80s to established havens of hip for three-plus decades. That kind of staying power doesn’t subsist on one cool club or Michelin-starred meal. A thriving shopping scene, big on boutiques, addresses a gamut of wants and needs with goods carefully curated to meet discriminating consumers.

Are you developing a palate for natural wines? Are you a devotee of the fiercely fringey corners of modern culture? Craving designer duds? Or do you just want to go to a local market stocked with items a cut above supermarket standards — and eons past the usual convenience store?

Wicker Park and Bucktown have you covered with unique boutiques such as these:

  • p.45 — Since 1997, p.45 has prided itself on “a well-edited collection of emerging and nationally recognized designers.” Fashionistas have taken notice, as the shop has been featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour, among others.
  • Olivia’s Market — A Bucktown go-to for grocery shopping since 2004, Olivia’s Market can help you fill your pantry, finish a meal or arrive at a friend’s party with the perfect bottle. Artisan cheeses, house-made sandwiches, hard-to-find meats and cheeses, ethnically diverse specialty foods, and daily deliveries of fresh produce make this a much-beloved spot — as does its smartly stocked liquor section.
  • Quimby’s Bookstore — Looking for independently published or small press books, comics, ’zines and collectibles? Quimby’s Bookstore proudly stocks the “unusual, the aberrant, the saucy and the lowbrow.” Its embrace of the weird — many of its works are self-produced by writers and sold on consignment — has been a successful formula since 1991.
  • Asrai Garden — This is the kind of place that defines Wicker Park, while defying categorization. It’s part florist, part apothecary, part fine jewelry store. Looking for some unique tableware? A handmade leather clutch? Botanical oils or imported toothpaste? Discoveries await on every display.
  • Red & White — Beginning as one of the first natural wine retailers in the U.S. in 2008, Red & White added a wine bar in 2018 and quickly landed on’s list of the 15-most-important natural wine bars in America. Red & White stocks wines made using hand-harvested grapes; native yeasts in fermentation; and no herbicides, pesticides or chemicals in the vineyard.

Want to Go Big?

Sometimes, a big chain is a must. OK. Mariano’s Bucktown covers the groceries. Lowe’s of Wicker Park has all things home improvement. You can find shops for adidas, Nike and The North Face. There’s a Walgreens and a Mattress Firm. You can find them all on the Milwaukee Avenue corridor that bisects Wicker Park and clips the southwest corner of Bucktown.

Making the Move

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